Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday Motivation to build women emotionally

Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

So, it is Monday, AGAIN!!! You are tired, stressed, overworked and emotional. To think, the week hasn't even really begun. Time to get up, get ready for work, if you've got kids, get them ready for school. Then, lovely traffic commuting to your workplace. The friendly colleagues, all asking, how the weekend was, babbling on about their weekends.

Thoughts go through your head - the things on your to-do list for the day, not only at work but for the house, the husband, the children, all of them. Better not forget, otherwise you're the worst person in the world again.

After work, it's home, fixing dinner, helping children, doing everything for hubby. Nobody asked you how your day was. No one  bothered asking if they can help with anything in the kitchen, or anywhere in the house for that matter. Demands, demands, demands. At the end of the night you get into your bed, and dead tired, wait for your sleep to finally ease your busy, hustling mind.


Every Monday, or  every day for that matter, does not have to be like this!!!! Have you forgotten? You are worth much more. You are special. You are beautiful. You mean something to someone. 

How was your day, by the way? Did you wake up in a good mood? Did you tell yourself you look real beautiful today? Did you tell your children they are special and loved? Sometimes, if we start by building up our children, from a young age, they won't be demotivated and depressed adults like us. 

New Monday, new goal/s

Each new Monday is supposed to motivate us in knowing it's a chance at new goals, more to live for. Set new goals and aspirations each week. Only one, at first, and try to achieve this. Maybe you want to lose some weight in this week. Maybe you want to achieve a new fitness level by running a bit further. Maybe you want to eat healthier. Maybe you want to cut out negative, toxic people. Maybe you want to spend more time with your children, or husband. Whatever your own personal goal may be, just go for it. write it in your diary, post it on your social media status, write yourself a small note. And if you finally achieved it. Congratulate yourself on it. Celebrate your determination to achieve your goal. Don't be ashamed of it, you earned it, your a motivated, dedicated woman. 

Set the alarm a bit earlier

Ok, so you go to sleep Sunday night, you know there'll be a lot of things to do in the morning. So why are you stressed and negative about it already? Is it because you know you won't have time to do everything you wanted to? Set your alarm a bit earlier, ten minutes will do. Not ten minutes to work. No, ten minutes for yourself. Remember in my post about Becoming wholesome women, the alone - time? Yeah, that's what that ten minutes are for. Just sit in silence, drink a cup of coffee, or just relax for ten minutes. Your day, AND week will start of way more smooth.

Talk to yourself

Yeah, this sounds real crazy, but it really helps. How? Because, before you get irritated, aggravated, mean, and screaming at others, you just sort the scenario out, in your head, with yourself. This might not sound like a good or valid idea, but I promise you, it works. Tell yourself you are worth more than this petty silly argument that's about to ensue. You're way more special than how you're husband is treating you right now in this instant. If your children gets on your nerves, tell yourself, you still are the prettiest, coolest, most adored mother of all.   When your man looks at another woman, tell yourself, you are beautiful, and special, never forget this. And remember SMILE.

Make yourself some motivational notes.

This is actually a real fun one. Make yourself some fun sticky notes to stick all over the place, or just in your car, diary, office, anywhere. The point of these notes are to motivate you. Real good motivation quotes for Mondays will be: 

Something good will happen today!!!

Surround yourself with only those that make you happy.

Rise up every time you fall, and you will succeed. 

I am worthy, special and beautiful. 

It will be fun to motivate not only yourself, but other women, with inspirational and motivational quotes on notes. 

Remember, share this article with someone, whom may need some Monday Motivation. 
Have a blessed day and SMILE. 

What we need to be wholesome as women.

    Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

So, you're feeling a little blue? A little off-ish? Totally depressed? Why is that, you beautiful creature? Who made you feel this way? Will you ever feel better again? Did someone break you down, so badly, that you feel completely worthless? Did someone really make you feel this way or did you really do it to yourself?

Truth is, you did! You allowed the  bad words and attitudes towards you break you down. You let it get into your head didn't you? You listened to your sour, bitter, hateful alter ego. The one that listens to all the bad stuff. The negative one. That negativity not only made you sad and broken down. It made you ugly. The beauty that was supposed to come from inside, that was supposed to enlighten the room when you stepped in, you let it die.

We can fix that, not alone, always remember, we can not do this on our own. We need each other, we need help to build ourselves up again. This is the most important steps to remember when we want to become our wholesome selves again.

Always remember: 

A man does NOT define who you are

We, as women, often think, that to be wholesome, we need a man, not any man, a man who treats us like princesses, who makes us feel special, says the right things, helps us around the house, with the kids, buys us gifts and never ever cheats. 
Well, this couldn't be father from the truth. We don't need that, because, let's face it, most men treat us like this, in the beginning, and oh boy, doesn't  that feel good? We can brag about it to our friends and family, feel the warm happiness inside and smile more often that usual. But how heart - breaking, when reality sets in, when the in-love feeling is over, when we realize with a blow to the gut, that all men, are in essence, the same? 

What would happen if we let ourselves feel all these things? If we just wake up one day and realize that we do not need our husbands, boyfriends, or men overall to make us feel worthy, special or loved. We need us. 

Let's try this: 
Wake up each day and tell ourselves: 

I am worthy 

As soon as we begin to believe this, and appreciate what we accomplish on our own, we will become less dependent on a man to tell us what we do is appreciated. We will WANT to do more, it will not only make us feel more determined, but also alive and energized again.

I am Special

We as women, never realize, that we, indeed, are special. Just because we don't look like the models in magazines, accomplish every success story on television, or are as smart as the next woman, doesn't mean we are not special. If we tell ourselves constantly that we are special, and we believe it, we will feel special. We will start glowing in a glorifying way. Others will see it and it will rub off.

I am beautiful

This by far is the most important and essential words that we as women want to hear, not once in a while, but EVERYDAY!!! The more we can hear it, the better, and we want to hear if from a man, if not from our own man, any man then. These words makes us feel so wanted and special, the feeling is sometimes indescribable. Well, the truth is, if we tell ourselves everyday, whilst alone, or looking in a mirror, a glass window, ah well, anywhere , doing anything. That, we are beautiful, we will start believing it, no longer needing to hear it from others. This will really let our beauty shine from within. Others will truly start seeing it and it will make us feel beautiful as well.

Always smile

When we smile, it not only makes us look prettier, it makes us feel prettier as well. We can be heartbroken inside, just one smile can light up our whole mood and day. Sometimes, we as women feel, we have nothing to smile about, BUT, if we start to change our mindsets into believing that we have something to smile about, we can do it. If we at first believe we are worthy, special, and beautiful, this will already give us a reason to smile.

Did you know that a smile is infectious? Yes, true, it is. If we as women, walk past each other in the shopping mall, on street, or in the workplace, and just smile, not saying a word, we give the other women a reason to smile.

We can think about that something funny, or inspiring, or our own beauty, and just smile about it. This make us feel happy as well. The longer you smile, the happier you get. And by the way, what is prettier than laugh lines around an older women's eyes? We as women can make others smile as well. How? Well, just tell her, "You're beautiful".

Spend some time alone 

Alone time, if so often misunderstood when it comes to women, we often get judged. We get told that we're selfish, we're not good mothers, we're not good wives, all just because we need some alone time. This is such a sensitive subject, why, because it's not easily explained.

Yes, we do need alone time, we do need to reflect on reasons to go on, to debate with our own personal demons, (those that we don't want anyone to know about), we need alone time to meditate, to tell ourselves that "I as a women am worthy, special, beautiful, and I deserve to smile, daily. 

We need to spend time on our own to sometimes just cool down, to reflect on conflicts that could've hurt us, or others. We need the time to rest our souls. We need alone time, and we don't need to explain this to anyone. It's none of their business anyway.

Everybody's got their own way of spending alone time, some resort to reading a book, others go for a walk in nature, others exercise, others just spend some alone time over a cup of coffee, or glass of wine. Whatever, we do, we need it. It not only keeps us sane, but helps us become wholesome again.

Get fit, exercise.

We often hear the dreaded words,"you need to get fit", "you need to get healthy". We need to understand, this is really important. When we exercise we not only look better, but also feel better on the long run. When exercising, endorphins are released, which makes us happier, which, yeah, makes us smile more, and makes us feel revitalized
Not only are these reasons to get fit, but we also want to look like a million bucks when we tell ourselves that we are beautiful. There are so many ways of getting fit nowadays and we all have our own preferences, some of us likes a gym, others like the outdoors, others like home fitness videos. Whatever the case may be, there are many ways for us to satisfy these needs

Get healthy

We don't only need to get healthy, to live longer and better lives. We need to get healthy so that we can feel better about ourselves overall. When we eat food that contains lot of bad and fatty oils, we often feel bad afterwards. When eating a fresh salad, we feel revitalized, energized and fresh after. 
We need to learn which foods makes us healthy on the inside (our mind and soul) and which foods makes us feel negative. We will have a whole posting about healthy foods, it's going to need time to go through and understand. 
Don't get this wrong, a little chocolate every other day will not hurt. Why? Endorphins, that's why!!! 

Support each other

We as women need to support each other. We need to build each other up and motivate each other. This is not always easy, as jealousy and hatred often sets in first. Why, because we don't feel good enough about ourselves. When we motivate other women, and build them up, we will feel the same self-motivation overwhelming ourselves. Remember this will take time. Nobody wakes up one day feeling all self-motivated all of a sudden. We need to remind ourselves constantly and daily. 

Support and motivation goes a long way. 
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Have a blessed day.